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Manasra Group

 Our Story

Established in 1972, Manasra Group (MG) is a leading player in the garment trading industry. From its beginnings as a wholesale company, MG quickly grew to become one of the largest importers and wholesalers of garments in Amman, Jordan. Today, MG comprises two reputable subsidiaries, Silesia for Import & Export and Mawared Apparel Trading Co. Ltd., each with its own unique specialization. Through distributorship agreements with major brands like G2000, Ambar, Penti, Ltb Jeans and bossini, MG offers a diverse range of products, including formal wear, casual wear, lingerie, beachwear, and trendy children's fashion. To ensure accessibility, MG strategically positions its stores in major malls across Amman. Additionally, MG has ventured into the real estate sector, developing the Gateway shopping center in the heart of Amman.


collaborating on a project at MG headquarters
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